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This invisible epidemic affects nearly 1.1 billion people worldwide, one in six children, one in two elderly, and will cripple one in four people during their lifetime.

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The Epidemic

The epidemic of the
broken brain shows up
in radically different ways
from person to person
(depression, anxiety, memory loss, brain fog, ADD or autism). Each seem like different problems, but in fact they are all manifestations of a few common underlying root problems.

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About the Author


Pioneer in
Functional Medicine

Mark Hyman, M.D., three-time New York Times bestselling author, shows how pinpointing and fixing our underlying biological problems allows our body's natural intelligence to take over and automatically heal our brains.

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Using the Seven Keys

Discover how seven key
biological systems influence
every feeling, thought, emotion,
behavior and memory we have.
Understand how these systems play a role and take control of your brain health.

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Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories

Jackson's Recovery from Autism

"Up until two years of age, Jackson was developing at a normal level. He was up to twenty words, but suddenly started to regress. When we took him to our pediatrician he was down to 5 words. Three months later he couldn't say one. It wasn't until we discovered Dr. Hyman that we began putting the pieces together."

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